About us

About Us

The name ‘Bodyconceptz’ was born more than 15 years ago but it was only 2.5 years ago that it was brought out and dusted off when Sonia started her own Massage Therapy business. The whole concept of the name Bodyconceptz was to one day create a model that offered people a one stop shop for overall health and wellbeing.

Bodyconceptz is located in Apollo Drive on the North Shore and shares rooms alongside Bruce Miller – Osteopath of Bays Osteopaths. We are surrounded by what is fast becoming the Health Professional “hub” of the North Shore.

Sonia Dunne, Founder and Director is highly trained and experienced as a Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist. Her history as an elite athlete, having played at representative level at most sports since she was a child but more importantly as a NZ representative in Beach Volleyball for the past 20 years has seen her gain a massive amount of insight into the bio-mechanics of human movement and performance. This gives her a greater understanding to the importance of preventative healthcare and sports recovery

Whilst Bodyconceptz right now has the one person working “in” the business, It is very much a team collaborative working “on” the business and it is very important to acknowledge these people and businesses that support and compliment what we are achieving and will continue to do so in the future.

Sonia Dunne – Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Facilitator

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